Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring Time & Your Dog

The snow is finally melting, the breeze is warming up, and flowers are starting to bloom! However, its not all sunshine and beautiful butterflies, we need to make sure our four legged companions are protected from the bad insects and parasites!

As the weather turns warmer, the biting insects become more active. This can lead to internal organ issues, lack of nutrition, and sometimes may even lead to death. Spring time is very important to have your pooches on preventative medication as well as a great topical to keep those fleas and pesky insect biters away!

Beware of mosquito’s around your dogs as well! They can do much more damage than just an itchy bump. They can carry diseases like heart worm. This disease is not one to be overlooked, so make sure your dogs are not outside unattended for long lengths of time as well as not tracking through thickly wooded areas or wet areas, as mosquito’s are quite thick among them.

And one more friendly reminder! Cat and dog preventative medication and topical treatments are much different, so please be careful to separate the two if you have feline companions as well.
Enjoy this beautiful weather friends!

(Original Article Sourced from: http://www.k9specialist.com/our-blog/)

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