Wednesday, March 18, 2015

De-Skunk Your Dog

The horror! Your dog has been skunked.  What do you do?  The most effective solution is mixed from things you probably already have in your home.  No need for expensive store bought solutions or gallons of tomato sauce that may or may not work.  I can guarantee, from experience, this method is 100% effective.

Duke post de-skunk bath

You will need 1 quart of 3-percent hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda, 1 teaspoon liquid dish washing soap and large plastic container and rubber gloves.  The gloves are optional but recommended.  It is important to wash your dog immediately with this solution before the skunk oils dry or your dog will have a residual smell for months.  

While you are preparing your solution, it is best to keep your dog outside or your home will bear that wonderful skunk smell for about 9o days (give or take).  First check to make sure the skunk did not get into the dogs eyes.  If eyes are irritated or red flush with cool water immediately.

When you mix the solution use a large plastic container (at least 1-gallon if not larger is recommended).  Metal containers can encourage auto-decomposition of the peroxide.  Caution: Do NOT save this mixture or make it ahead of time, as the mixture could explode if left in a bottle or container.  DO NOT get the solution in the dog's eyes.

To clean your dog thoroughly massage the mixture into your their fur.  Let it sit for a few minutes.  The longer you leave it in, the more likely it is that your dogs coat will become "bleached" because of the peroxide.  Then rinse solution out completely.

At this point you can lather your dog up with their regular shampoo and bathe as normal.  Make sure to thoroughly towel dry and keep them warm while they dry.  You can also opt to use a blow dryer to speed up and complete the drying process.

Finally, get your clothes into the wash just in case your dog rubbed some of the skunk stink onto you.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring Time & Your Dog

The snow is finally melting, the breeze is warming up, and flowers are starting to bloom! However, its not all sunshine and beautiful butterflies, we need to make sure our four legged companions are protected from the bad insects and parasites!

As the weather turns warmer, the biting insects become more active. This can lead to internal organ issues, lack of nutrition, and sometimes may even lead to death. Spring time is very important to have your pooches on preventative medication as well as a great topical to keep those fleas and pesky insect biters away!

Beware of mosquito’s around your dogs as well! They can do much more damage than just an itchy bump. They can carry diseases like heart worm. This disease is not one to be overlooked, so make sure your dogs are not outside unattended for long lengths of time as well as not tracking through thickly wooded areas or wet areas, as mosquito’s are quite thick among them.

And one more friendly reminder! Cat and dog preventative medication and topical treatments are much different, so please be careful to separate the two if you have feline companions as well.
Enjoy this beautiful weather friends!

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