Monday, January 5, 2015

Dog Fighting Rings

All over the world on every given day, a dog fight is taking place. Although rescue organizations are doing their very best to stop this cruelty, thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dogs from all over the globe are being thrown into fighting rings. The sad thing is most of these dogs do not want to fight. They are thrown in as bait against another opponent, and whether the bait dog fights back or not, the fight continues. These dogs are usually very young, and kept chained outside to a tree, pole, or “shack” of a dog house. These animals have no connection with humans, other dogs, or the outside world. The only humans these dog know are the handlers walking them to the fighting ring. They do not get love or affection, they do not have toys or play mates, they do not go for walks or runs, these dogs are strictly used for human entertainment and money. Why does the public not hear more if these tragic events? Dog fighting rings are “underground” means of entertainment, found both in urban and rural areas. Often times, two dogs fight until the death. If the losing opponent has not died in the ring but suffers very serious injuries, the dog is usually euthanized (sometimes inhumanely by the dogs handler) instead of seeking medical attention that could be quite costly to the handler. Most of these dogs also never see a veterinary doctor, therefore they suffer their entire lives with gaping wounds, gashes to their flesh, holes through the meat of their bodies, and most often, bitten off ears and tails. These animals are put back in their cage or on their chain without medication or wound care. Food and water is a bare minimum, and most of the time when given, is not clean. If these dogs are not suffering from a dog fight, their living conditions, or the lack of water and food, they are simply withering away, frightened and alone. The object of this blunt but true post is to raise awareness of dog fighting rings and their dangers. We invite everyone to do their own research, read the true stories, and look at the real pictures. The words and images will show you the truth, one that we cannot deny, and one that we should all pull together and fight against. Please volunteer your time with rescue organizations to help in any way possible. If you ever suspect animal abuse in any way, please do not hesitate to call for help. Animal abuse is now a felony in most cases here in the U.S. Help us help these poor animals, and bring more of our babies back to loving homes.

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  1. A sad reminder of the cruelty that some people (both the handlers & spectators) are capable of.