Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sweet potato jerky treats for you and your dog

Most people have heard the saying,  “You are what you eat”.  Well, so is your dog.  Below, you will find a sweet potato jerky treat recipes for your dog (and for you too, if you feel so inclined!).

Sweet Potato Jerky

1 sweet potato will make about 20 treats.  These treats should be stored in the fridge and will have a shelf life of 2 weeks.  If the treats last that long!


Preheat oven to 300 degrees

Slice sweet potato lengthwise in about ¼ inch think pieces

Bake on a non-stick or stoneware baking sheet for a total of 50 minutes, turning the sweet potatoes after 25 minutes

Once these jerky recipes are complete and cooled, you can cut them into desired treat size.  Remember proper storage will insure maximum shelf life for your homemade treats.

Duke asking for a delicious sweet potato treat.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Yellow Ribbons

Yellow ribbons symbolize anything from military support to suicide awareness.  Did you also know that a yellow ribbon tied around a dogs leash or collar also has a purpose?  These yellow ribbons simply mean a dog needs special consideration and space.  A dog could be uneasy in new situations or recovering from a surgery, to a number of other reasons.  As the Yellow Dog Project’s website clearly explains these ribbons are not an excuse to avoid proper training, an admittance of guilt, a confession, or a waiver of responsibility.  

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For further information on this initiative you can visit the Yellow Dog Project’s website or their Facebook page.